About Us

Our Founding

Bob & Ellen Tuttle founded AMG, the Antique Management Group, on October 1, 1994, in Greer, South Carolina in an empty warehouse and a few dozen pieces the family had collected and refinished.

Bob & Ellen soon began monthly trips throughout the South and East Coast to acquire exceptional pieces from auction houses and estate sales, and make them available directly to our customers.

Bob & Ellen have been refinishing antiques for more than 30 years. By providing these services in-house we can both acquire the perfect piece for your collection and ensure it perfectly compliments it.

Looking for that perfect piece? Let us help you find specific antique and vintage furniture pieces among the hundreds of auctions, estate sales, and sellers we visit each year.

Today, AMG Vintage House offers quality, affordable antique and vintage furniture, along with restoration, reproduction, and procurement services, from our showroom at the Greer Depot Station.

Bob & Ellen Tuttle
how we got here

Our Story

Bring the warmth and ambiance of real
antique furniture to your home.

about us

What Services We Offer

Procurement Services

Based in historic Greer, SC — a suburb of Greenville — we can help you procure antique & vintage furniture from across the south...

Direct Sales

We source the most desirable antique & vintage furniture for your living room, dining room, and bedrooms.


Damaged, aged, or broken furniture? We have restored or reproduced hundreds of pieces of vintage and antique furniture.

Still looking for that perfect piece?

We visit hundreds of auctions, estate sales, and sellers annually and we can help you find antique and vintage furniture.