Furniture Facts

Essays on American Furniture

Resources developed by Bob and Ellen Tuttle, of AMG’s Vintage House.


The Case For (or Against) Solid Mahogany Furniture

A dissertation on the pros and cons of solid mahogany furniture vice that made of mahogany veneer over hardwood secondary woods.

What Brand Names Are The Best?

A comparative listing of major American furniture manufacturers of the period 1900-1950.

Is It Solid Or Is It Veneer?

An essay identifying the means of determining if a piece of furniture is manufactured of solid mahogany or mahogany veneer.

Dining Table Sizes

A listing of standard sizes of American formal dining tables.

What Will Fit In My Formal Dining Room?

An identification of the dimensions required of a dining room to accommodate various furniture pieces of a formal dining room.

Standard Bed Sizes

A listing of standard sizes of American beds.

Furniture Values

An essay on determining the value of a piece of American-made furniture.

Furniture Periods: The Origin Of Styles

A dissertation on the difference between furniture “styles” and “periods”, and a listing of the common periods of American, French, and English furniture.